2016: Hair Goals

In 2013, the most used word on the internet was ‘selfie’ and in 2015 I beliebe (i hope you picked up on that pun :D) it was ‘goals’. Goodness me, it was everywhere. ‘Goals’ was being thrown around like a frisbee. Relationship goals, body goals, hair goals, shoe goals, makeup goals, car goals, nail goals, … More 2016: Hair Goals


Hey girl hey, welcome! I’m carrying on from the leave-ins post I did last year, so what’s the final step that will have our hair looking moisturized and luscious? Sealing in that moisture we just applied. Sealing traps in the moisture and holds it in. We don’t want all that moisture we just put in … More Sealants

Happy New Year!!!

Woohoo! it’s 2016. I haven’t posted since Sep’15 but lets not dwell on the past, haha. I’m so excited for this year as you can tell by the look on my face. It’s going to be a great year. I’m making goals, I’m writing them down, I’m achieving them and nothing can stop me. I … More Happy New Year!!!


Happy Tuesday!!! So what are leave-ins?? Leave in conditioners are conditioners that are applied after washing the hair and are left in. This is so important for black hair care. Not using a leave-in is like not moisturizing your body shower, after shower, after shower. Leave-ins are literally ‘hair moisturizers FOOD’. Our hair needs it … More Leave-Ins